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The Southern Bay Brewing Company service a number of discerning Breweries and quality outlets. We have brewed for customers located in the Australian domestic market and for customers located overseas.

Our Master Brewers can create just about any beer or malt-based beverage that you wish to sell.

We have spare operating capacity and are capable of servicing multiple clients at the one time. This includes the production of our own brands.

You can bring your own recipe or we can develop one for you. By providing a fee-based service we can develop a recipe or alternate recipes for you. As part of the service, we can brew a small test batch and provide samples for tasting and final selection of the appropriate recipe.

We have a number of experienced and qualified brewers that can assist you with the brewing process and ultimately with the packing of the final product.

When quoting for contract work we will go over the options available for the brewing process and ultimately for the packing of the final product. The Brewery has a number of features that can be made available to you. These include:

  • Water and Beer Filtration
  • Tunnel Pasteurisation maintaining quality and integrity
  • Nitro Dosing System
  • Water and Beer Filtration
  • QA Procedures and Reports
  • Ability to handle different packaging needs and configurations.

We have a flexible approach and are willing to discuss a number of options and specific requirements with you. You have the ability to outsource and bring your own packaging as long as it meets Southern Bay standards.

You can decide what involvement you have in the contract brewing and packing process. If you have a brewing background we certainly would love to have your involvement and input on the brew day.

Contracting FAQ’s.

What batch sizes are available?
We can produce batches of either 6,000 litres or 12,000 litres. The design of our fermenters means that we cannot produce batches smaller than 6,000 litres.

How much will it cost to make my beer?
There are so many variables from beer style and choice of ingredients through to pack configuration.  It is difficult to provide an estimate of cost with limited details from a potential customer.  Contact us and provide the appropriate information including a recipe so we can give you an estimation of price.

What if I don’t have a recipe?
We can assist with recipe development including pilot brews if required.  Please contact us directly to discuss this process and the associated costs.

How do you charge and what do I provide?
We supply all raw materials, labour and utilities and provide you with a quote in the form of a cost per case and/or a cost per keg. This price generally includes bottles and crown seals but any branded packaging (labels, cartons etc.) and kegs are provided by the customer. Note that the quoted figures are then plus excise and plus GST.

Can you note that due to seasonal crop shortages, certain hops styles may be difficult to obtain? While we do our best to secure adequate supply some hop varieties are in particularly short supply. If your beer is built around an in-demand variety, we recommend securing your own supply to guarantee availability.

What are the terms of payment?
We allocate fermentation space on a first in best-dressed basis.  A deposit is payable 6-8 weeks from the brew date to confirm your booking with the balance payable upon completion of packaging and prior to pick up of finished goods.

Are there parameters that my packaging needs to conform to?
Yes, please discuss your packaging requirements so we can ensure smooth running with our equipment.

What size bottle can I use to pack my beer?
We always hold stock of O-I Australia 330ml amber bottle (product code 30415). Our filler is capable of packing a range of different bottle sizes but this would need to be confirmed on a case by case basis.

What type of kegs can I use?
We can clean and fill A-type and D-type kegs.

Can my beer be bottle conditioned?
No, it is our policy at present that all bottled beer is force carbonated and tunnel pasteurised.  We do not do bottle conditioning.

Does my beer need to be filtered?
No, we can filter your beer for a bright finish or leave it with a slight haze if you’d prefer.

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