Southern Bay Brewing Co

Our Story


Our Brewery was established in 1988 in the Geelong region and was renamed to Southern Bay Brewing Co. in 2005.

We have produced many lagers and ales over the years and now have a core range and a limited release range of beers. Our staff live locally and enjoy the casual, sporting and epicurean lifestyles of the region. They are well trained and take extreme pride in the Brewery and the beers that they produce.

The Brewery is an independent and fully Australian owned and operated business. We source our malt locally to provide you with the freshest ingredients to make great beers which have gained multiple Australian International Beer Awards.

In addition to making our own product, we also provide contract brewing services for a special market and have been
instrumental in helping develop a number of beer brands in the market today.

Our Brewery is hands on and requires a lot of manual processes. Unlike other modern fully automated breweries, we rely on good old-fashioned manpower, manual labour and proven methods to produce each and every beer we make.SBB awards 2 300x300 px

With our quality assurance plan in place, we make sure that the beer is up to specification and that Brewery targets are met. This involves a process of logging relevant data throughout the entire brewing and packing process.


Our ethos, passion, and love of beer, helps us strive and focus on brewing a consistent quality product for others to enjoy.

The Brewery is old, dated and is somewhat unique. We require more than the traditional malt, hops, yeast and water to brew a beer. Our staff are the key to producing a great beer.  In essence, a beautiful beer is what you get when the brewers put the know-how and love into making the best beer we can.

At this stage, we plan to continue with this old-fashioned approach to brewing. As time goes by we will gradually invest in new technologies to support our effort.

Our culture is open and strong where we value, respect and support our customers, suppliers and co-workers. We appreciate, support and recognise the value that each of us plays in creating and providing a crafted beer. Our work environment is nurturing and supportive where we value creativity, resourcefulness, adaptability, persistence and teamwork.

We act with care and integrity in all of our dealings, striving to make a positive difference in the way we carry on our business.

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